The Ansar Test

The Ansar Test is our newest, most innovative test that is done in our office in just 15 minutes!

ANSAR (Autonomic Nervous System And Respiration) evaluates the balance between the nervous system (stress) and heart function.

The data we obtain from the ANSAR test is used to monitor the state of your nervous system (anxiety, stress, dizziness, palpitations, depression, or sleep disorders) and its influence on your heart and blood vessels. It is also indicated for anyone with cardiac problems who has had diabetes, hypertension, neurologic problems, or is on medication that may adversely affect the heart. The ANSAR will allow the physicians at HeartCare to adjust your medications and/or simply restore the balance between your brain and heart! With an ANSAR evaluation, you will have no more palpitations, dizziness, or needless worry about your heart!

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