A Mother’s Day No Bake – Low Cal – Fancy Cake!

A No Recipe – No Bake Dessert!

angel food cake with fruit on top

This is a great, easy-breezy cake to make – anytime of year!  Especially when fresh fruit is springing up all over!  You’ll get “oohs and ahhhs” when you bring this to the table – they’ll never know you barely did anything at all!  It looks decadent, yet, it is very low in calories and will satisfy your sweet tooth too!  Just use your imagination….


Here’s all you’ll need:

One store bought Angel Food Cake 

angel food cake store bought

Purchase your favorite fruits:


Fresh strawberries, or frozen with juice.

Pineapple, blueberries, raspberries …  honestly, whatever fruit or fruits you like.

Combine them, or use just one – your choice!

1 tub of fat free Cool Whip – That’s about it!

cool whip

Now, here’s the hard part…. Open the cake from the store…

Slice off about 1” from the top

angel food cake sliced top

 Scoop out the center, leaving a nice well in the middle

angel food cake scooped out

Spread some cool whip on the bottom of this little “well” you’ve made and top with the fruits of your choice.  You can add some juice too – just not too much or will get soggy.

angel food cake stuffed

Put the angel food top back on the cake.

angel food cake top back on


Add remaining Cool Whip on the top …and/or on the sides too – your choice.

angel food cake topped with cream

You can top with some fruit, nuts or coconut for extra pizzazz! 

angel food cake with fruit on top

 Now… dive in and enjoy!

angel food cake completed

Happy Mother’s Day Treat!  

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