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Successful treatments to fight congestive heart failure

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Dr. Marian Vulpe Speaks about Cardiac Stress Testing at HeartCare Associates

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WTNH-TV CT Style Show: Dr. Vulpe speaks about the importance of stress tests to accurately evaluate your heart.

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WTNH-TV CT Style Show: Dr. Ricardo Cordido speaks about their new technology for Advanced Blood Pressure Management - first in CT to have this!

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WTNH-TV: Jocelyn Maminta, Emmy Award nominated News Medical Reporter, interviews Dr. Jack Hauser about the dangers of winter on our hearts. 



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Dr. Kra's latest book

Congratulations to HeartCare’s Dr. Kra on his latest book, “The Collected Stories from a Doctor's Notebook” available for purchase on Amazon.

A fascinating and enjoyable book!  Dr. Kra has 13 published books and is currently working on a novel!  We'll keep you posted on his book signings; he’d love to see you there!

Available now on Amazon.