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5 Tips for Your Healthiest Spring Yet!

It’s officially spring! A time of reflection, celebration, and excitement as new growth begins
to sprout up from the once-frozen ground. Nature is reawakening to a fresh start, and you
can too!
As we welcome colorful flowers, longer days, and warmer temps, it’s a great reminder to get
moving. If you made resolutions to improve your exercise routine and get serious about
your health, then April is the time to reinvigorate your motivation. It’s never too late to plant
new seeds (or nurture your current ones) to reach the life you desire.
There is nothing more important than your physical and mental health! We know you can
make this spring your healthiest one yet, with just a few simple steps. Ready to make the
most of this spring? Keep reading for our must-know tips.

  1. Schedule Your Next Check-In
    There are many steps you can take to improve your overall health, but some signs of health
    issues can only be detected by a doctor. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.
    and accounts for 695,547 deaths every year.
    Luckily, regular check-ins can help detect a heart illness in advance. Your doctor may use blood
    tests, x-rays, EKGs, CT scans, MRIs, portable monitoring systems, or other methods to make
    sure your heart is healthy.
    It’s possible to be asymptomatic and still be in the beginning stages of heart disease. Meaning,
    you may have no signs of illness, other than what is detected on a scan. The earlier you can
    detect heart disease, the better chance you have to treat it.
    Even if you’re in great health, establishing a relationship with your physician can help you create
    a life-long plan, giving you a better chance of avoiding heart disease altogether!
    Schedule a regular check-in today to ensure you’re in good health. It’s our recommended first
    step to your healthiest spring yet!
  2. Increase Your Activity

Recent studies show that over 100,000 deaths could be prevented each year if adults increased
their activity by 10 minutes a day. Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle,
and you don’t need to hit the gym for hours to make a difference.
Aiming for about 30 minutes of moderate activity every day is a great start. It’s also important to
reduce the amount of time you’re sitting as much as possible. Even for those who exercise
regularly, sitting can negatively affect your hard work. Try switching to a standing desk at work
or find other alternatives to sitting for long hours.
With the temperatures rising and additional daylight, it’s a great opportunity to spend more time
outside getting exercise and fresh air. Find a way to add even 10 minutes of additional exercise
to your routine, if you find you’ve dialed it back during the winter months.

  1. Know Your Family History
    April brings with it a host of holidays including Easter and Passover. Many of us gather with
    friends and family to enjoy fun activities. Getting in touch with loved ones could also lead to
    conversations about your family’s medical history. These insights can offer advantages to your
    own health by giving you a heads-up about conditions you’re at higher risk for.
    You can also do your own research by looking into death certificates and family medical
    records. Find information beyond just your immediate family. It’s useful to know the family
    history of your parents, grandparents, siblings, half-siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews,
    and beyond.
    The key information to make note of is the causes of death, age of death, any major medical
    conditions, as well as the age of diagnosis. Your ethnic background can also offer helpful clues.
  2. Discover New Spring Veggies
    Maybe you’ve already set a resolution to eat healthier and add more greens to your diet. This is
    a vital way to improve your health from the inside out. Don’t lose momentum during the April
    holidays when temptation comes in an assortment pastel-color wrappings.
    This spring, why not mix things up by trying some of the freshest fruits and vegetables this time
    of year? Asparagus, beets, bok choy, cauliflower, spinach, and strawberries are known for being
    readily available in the springtime. Each one offers its own vitamins and health benefits. For
    example, asparagus is a great source of vitamin K, A, and iron.
    These are just a few of the many fruits and vegetables that are available in the spring. Add
    some new flavors and nutrients to liven up your daily routine!
  3. Prioritize Your Mental Health

It’s no secret that stress over long periods of time can lead to health problems. High levels of
cortisol, a steroid hormone that mainly helps your body regulate stress, can increase blood
pressure, triglycerides, blood sugar, and cholesterol. This can lead to the build-up of plaque in
arteries and raise your risk of heart disease.
For those who are already diagnosed with heart disease, reducing stress also lowers your risk
of a heart attack.
It’s easy to forget the importance of mental health care when we are caught up in daily
distractions, but this is a key factor in your life’s quality and longevity. Springtime is a great
opportunity to embrace a fresh approach to your mental health.
This includes new creative ideas and interests that you’ve been putting on hold but would love
to try. For example, a career change, learning a new language, joining a yoga class, or going on
a road trip. Take a cue from Mother Nature: plant those seeds of desire and watch them grow!
Luckily eating healthy and exercising also have a positive effect on your mental health. In
addition, make a goal to establish a support system and talk to people you trust. Everyone
reacts to stress differently. It’s okay to ask for additional support whenever you need it.
Consider decreasing your alcohol and coffee intake if you find yourself anxious often. Quitting
smoking is another way to reduce stress. Other resources include counseling, meditation
classes, and other programs. Reach out to your healthcare provider if you’re not sure where to
Make This Spring About You!
When you’re feeling your best, you’re able to enjoy life more and show up for others in the best
ways possible. It’s never been a better time to make your health a priority. We want to help you
get there this April!
We hope you found these tips helpful and motivating as we begin the first full month of spring.
At HeartCare, we believe in prevention. We want you to live longer in a body that allows you
to enjoy life to its fullest potential.
Have questions? We’re here to assist you every step of the way. Please don’t hesitate to
contact us and get more information.

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