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Phlebectomy is an effective and permanent solution to the problem of varicose veins. If you have troublesome or unsightly veins, the specialists at HeartCare Associates of Connecticut’s Vein Center can help using the latest phlebectomy techniques. To schedule a consultation, call HeartCare Associates of Connecticut, with locations in Hamden, East Haven, North Haven, West Haven, and Wallingford, Connecticut, or use the online booking tool.

Phlebectomy Q & A

What is phlebectomy?

Phlebectomy, or ambulatory phlebectomy, is a treatment that removes large, bulging varicose veins that are near the surface of your skin.

Your provider at HeartCare Associates of Connecticut expertly removes these unsightly varicose veins through micro incisions or tiny cuts. Phlebectomy doesn’t cause scarring but leaves the skin on your legs looking and feeling smooth.

Why would I need a phlebectomy?

If you have varicose veins on your legs, phlebectomy is an effective way to get rid of them. Varicose veins develop because the valves in your blood vessels that ensure your blood flows in one direction start to weaken. If the valves can’t form a perfect seal, then blood starts backing up and going the wrong way.

This isn’t especially dangerous, but it does mean that your veins start to swell with blood and begin to show through your skin. As the swelling increases, the veins become more prominent, eventually forming twisted, bulging ropes and coils that stand out clearly.

At this stage, varicose veins are more problematic and can cause:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Clots
  • Infection
  • Leg ulcers

Varicose veins can also be irritating and uncomfortable, making your legs feel heavy and achy. Cramps and restless legs are common when you have varicose veins.

Your provider at HeartCare Associates of Connecticut can assess your varicose veins using ultrasound technology. They discuss with you whether phlebectomy is a good option or if alternative therapies might be more appropriate in your case.

What happens during a phlebectomy?

After making you comfortable at the Vein Center, your provider at HeartCare Associates of Connecticut gives you a local anesthetic, typically lidocaine, to numb the treatment area.

They make a series of very small cuts in the skin around the vein and carefully remove the affected section of the vein through these incisions.

Phlebectomy is an outpatient procedure that your provider at HeartCare Associates of Connecticut performs in-office. After a phlebectomy, you can go home. Your provider gives you any aftercare instructions, which are usually minimal.

If you have varicose veins that are painful, irritating, or unsightly, call HeartCare Associates of Connecticut today to schedule a phlebectomy consultation or book an appointment online.


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