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HeartCare Associates of Connecticut

Cardiovascular Specialists located in Hamden, East Haven, North Haven, West Haven & Wallingford, CT

If you have troublesome varicose or reticular veins, the specialists at HeartCare Associates of Connecticut’s Vein Center can help. The highly skilled providers are experienced in using the latest sclerotherapy techniques to get rid of your discomfort. To schedule a consultation, call HeartCare Associates of Connecticut, with offices in Hamden, East Haven, North Haven, West Haven, and Wallingford, Connecticut, or use the online booking tool.

Sclerotherapy Q & A

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a way of eliminating varicose veins, reticular veins, and spider veins that are causing discomfort or distress. It’s one of the oldest methods of treating problem veins, first used in the 1930s.

The sclerotherapy process involves injecting medication into the veins. Typically, a salt solution or chemical preparation is used, which irritates the inside of the targeted blood vessel.

The irritation makes the vein collapse, forming scar tissue that effectively seals off the blood vessel and prevents blood from flowing through it. Instead, your blood starts using other veins, leaving the treated vein to shrivel up. Over time, the treated vein eventually disappears.

Why would I need sclerotherapy?

Problem veins from the smallest spider veins to the largest varicose veins are treatable using sclerotherapy, so if you have any of these conditions, you might want to consider a sclerotherapy session at the Vein Center of HeartCare Associates of Connecticut.

Problem veins develop because of weak valves in your blood vessels. These valves are meant to direct blood flow in one direction – back to your heart. However, they can weaken with age or because of unhealthy lifestyle habits and allow blood to travel backward.

This rogue blood pools in your blood vessels and makes them stand out, showing blue or purple through your skin. If they start to swell and bulge, you have varicose veins, which can be uncomfortable as well as unsightly.

What happens during the sclerotherapy procedure?

Your provider at HeartCare Associates of Connecticut injects the salt or chemical solution into the target vein using a very fine needle. 

You might experience a minute or two of mild cramping or general discomfort at this point. These effects are more likely if you’re having large veins treated.

The sclerotherapy session takes around 15-30 minutes to complete, depending on how many veins are treated. Your provider performs sclerotherapy in the Vein Center, and you can go home after treatment. Downtime is minimal, but you shouldn’t do any vigorous aerobic activities for a couple of days.

After your sclerotherapy treatment, the problem veins should be gone for good. Veins can’t grow back, and you have plenty of other blood vessels to transport your blood around, so you don’t need to worry about losing one.

To schedule a sclerotherapy consultation with the team at HeartCare Associates of Connecticut, call today or book using the online tool.


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